I am a COSRT accredited supervisor. 

I have supervised NHS doctors, nurses and health advisors and also therapists in private practice.

I see supervision as an opportunity for the therapist/clinician to reflect on their practice and examine their rationale for any interventions they have made.  It is also about looking at transference and counter transference and how this might contribute positively  or compromise the work.  It is useful to look at parallel process in the supervision session when it arises.  Supervision is about protecting and supporting the therapist to guard against 'burn out' and together being mindful of ethical issues and how to manage the work load.  It is also about protecting the client and being curious about how the therapist's personal life may be impacting on the therapeutic process.  I take an integrative approach to supervision with experienced therapists and a developmental approach with students.

I regard supervision as a partnership and expect the people I supervise to prepare for sessions so that they can get the most out of them.  I want them to feel comfortable and to feel able to reflect and assess the process so that we can look together at being creative and flexible in order to meet their supervision needs.

Consultancy and Training

I have run workshops for young women for Breast Cancer Care, looking at the challenges to intimacy post surgery.  I recently spent five years as a professional development tutor at University College London Medical School.  I have run ‘The Healing Voice’ workshop for NHS clinical staff and presentations for Hospice staff on 'sexuality and intimacy in the terminally ill'.  I have also been the nurse lead for the continuing professional development training mornings within a large NHS sexual health service.

Information on these workshops is available on request.  I can also develop workshops and training sessions according to client needs. Please contact me by phone or email if you would like further information on either supervision, training or consultancy.